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Status Employment assists people with disabilities and mental health problems in finding and retaining paid employment.

We do this by finding out your skills and aspirations and supporting you into work or to move closer to work through education, training, paid work or volunteering.


The Wey Ahead Walk

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On Saturday the 19th May there was the first ever Way Ahead walk. It had been organised by All About Triathletes (AAT), to help raise money for 4 charities: Oakleaf Enterprises, CornerHouse, Hear Us and Status Employment. It was organised for mental health awareness week; all of these charities support people receiving mental health services with advocacy, housing friendship, and employment. Our Chief Executive Robert Elston joined a 187 other people who were either running the 4.5km, 25km or 32km distances. He opted to do the 32km along with many other people.

It was an early start as we had to be in Woking by 8am and the weather was set to be hot and then very hot during the day. There was a carnival feel at the beginning of the walk, with the runners going ahead in the queue and everyone was in good spirits” It was at the start that Robert met the Bog Trotters who had raised so much money for the 4 charities. " was great to be able to thank them." I realised it would take me over 7 hours to get to the end so was pleased that there was regular feed stations along the way. At the first Feed Station it was nice to meet Paul Goddard of Status Employment, a chance for me to have a break and take the customary selfie! Paul said "The sun tested the metal of walkers and runners from the outset as they followed the Wey to raise much needed funds. The Way - Stations handed out water and snacks to those continuing and finishing and attracted a lot of attention from local residents and others walking and enjoying the canal path; in terms of raising the profile of the charities and the important work they do the day was an unmitigated success"

After the break I got into a regular walk, It was great meeting a number of the diverse people who were walking the Way Ahead, one lady was doing her first 32km walk and had done it because she wanted to help charities and challenge herself on her 50th birthday and said that walking was good for the soul. The Way Ahead passed a number of pubs but Robert had decided not to get distracted, but all of the pubs were happy for us to use their facilities, which was very kind. At 12pm at the next feed station I popped into the New Inn and suddenly realised there was another event drawing the crowds into the pub. I was very good didn’t get distracted and carried on. I met a runner who amazingly was participating as training for a 65km run. He agreed with me that the walk was an absolutely beautiful walk. It was at this stage I realised I was walking slightly faster than the numerous long boats on the Canal.

At 1.45 I arrived in Guildford where someone bought me a pint of soda water (honestly) which was very welcome and after met Becky Hadley from AAT who had been Pivotal in getting the walk organised. She was suitably encouraging in telling me that there was only a further 7km to walk. After water and banana I set off in the midday sun to do the final 7km after the crowds of Guildford the walk again quietened, and was absolutely beautiful encouraging tired legs to keep going. Even so it was lovely to see the Finishing Line at Godalming where Toby Jenkins owner of AAT gave me a medal and water. After that it was a short walk to Godalming Station, where I got side tracked by a local pub for a well-deserved pint.

The feedback on the day had been positive and £1500 has been raised for all the charities involved. This money is so important for the many innovative programmes that we run. Status Employment would like to thank all of the walkers and runners who turned out on Saturday to support four mental health charities.

You can also view our Total Giving profile.

Any amount received will be gratefully received.

The European Project VIRTUAL DS will Promote The Labor Inclusion of People With Down Syndrome

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VIRTUAL DS, will promote, through an innovative integrated approach, the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome enhancing their employment opportunities. It aims to enhance the access, participation and learning performance of disadvantaged learners (people with Down Syndrome), regarding employment competences reducing disparities in learning out-comes.

FUNDACIÓN ASINDOWN (Spain) leads the European Project VIRTUAL DS will focus on training people with low-skilled disabilities, including the promotion of on-the-job learning, providing efficient and integrated guidance services.

During the project, to be executed from September 2017 to September 2019, the Consortium will develop an open and innovative practices, in a digital era, focused on the exploitation of ICT Tools (VIRTUAL REALITY) by people with Down Syndrome, developing ADAPTED learning materials and tools as well as actions that support their effective use. About 20 people with Down Syndrome, their job trainers and company representatives in each participating country, will participate in the validation of the project results, creating a strong direct impact.

The validation actions will include real experiences in companies developed over 4-5 days to validate if the work competencies have been developed and to show the companies that people with Down Syndrome can offer a good performance.

The Consortium is formed by other entities working in the field of supporting people with Down Syndrome, like DRUŠTVO DOWNOV SINDROM SLOVENIJA, DDSS (Slovenia), ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA DE PORTADORES DE TRISSOMIA 21, APPT21 (Portugal), ALDO-CET (Romania). They will also participate STATUS EMPLOYMENT, is a non-governmental organization with huge experience in Supported Employment, and IMAGINA RV, a private company specialized in the development of Virtual Reality training contents.

Members of the Virtual DS project Members of the Virtual DS project

VIRTUAL DS is a project funded by the European Commission within the ERASMUS+ 2017 Programme.

Status are pleased to announce 3 new Projects in Croydon and Lambeth

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David Ethridge Show

Robert Elston our Chief Executive talks about Status employment mental health and employment on the David Ethridge show on Croydon radio he can be heard at 2 hours 35 minutes:

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