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Status Employment assists people with disabilities and mental health problems in finding and retaining paid employment.

We do this by finding out your skills and aspirations and supporting you into work or to move closer to work through education, training, paid work or volunteering.

Important - Coronavirus upate

Following the latest government advice for the time being we have suspended all face-to-face services.


Lead Project Newsletter

Status Employment are proud to share the Latest Newsletter from the Lead Project, a European funded program of which we are an active partner. The Newsletter sets out the impressive strides taken by all the partners and illustrates what Disabled People with the right support and recognition can achieve, often under very difficult circumstances and beginnings.

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week has arrived in a year that has been testing for everyone given the pandemic and the many lockdowns. The majority of us have felt isolated from friends and families. As well as concern about Covid19 there have been some positives; everybody’s mental health has been spoken of much more openly with a realisation of how we all have to look after our own mental health.

Here at Status, we have had to move to helping our candidates online, delivering vocational workshops and moving some of our projects such as drama on digital platforms Which has been positively received by everyone. We are looking forward to a future where we can all meet again face to face while being able to adapt what we have learnt this year.

The one important lesson this year is to realise that this situation has affected everyone but that no one ‘person’s experience has been the same. We must keep trying to understand it, verbalising it, learning from and about it, and knowing we all have mental health – that it is a changing continuum for all and that we must support ourselves and others. That it has been so important to be kind to each other.

Status Employment will continue to strive to promote health, well-being and employment for all and endeavour to run projects that promote these important priorities, health well-being and employment.

Employment Advisor Vacancy

Are you interested in supporting people who have, or are recovering from mental health problems; experiencing barriers affecting their ability to move towards or stay in paid employment? Would you like to be part of an organisation that prides itself on its professionalism, values and the passion of its staff to make a real difference? If so, Status Employment are looking for an Employment Adviser to join our established team in Lambeth.

To find out more and apply for this role see:

With Great Regret we Have to Announce the Death of our Trustee Stephen Aselford

Stephen Aselford
Stephen Aselford

Stephen Aselford was the longest serving trustee of Status Employment. When I was first appointed as Chief Executive, Stephen was one of the first trustees to welcome me to the Job. One of the first things he warned me was that my job was not only not easy, but it was vitally important. What struck me about Stephen was his passion. He had tremendous passion for his beloved Labour Party the betterment of disabled people, and London Transport. Stephen was a committed trustee of Status Employment and during his time I only remember him missing one meeting and that was because it clashed with a transport meeting.

He took his role incredibly seriously often very successfully giving the voice of a service user. On numerous occasions, and in one sentence managed to say what many of us had been trying to say for 20 minutes. He had good contacts especially within the Labour party where he managed to persuade a fringe meeting at conference to have myself there to explain supported employment and the best way of helping people find employment.

When I first met Stephen he was employed at Crosfield factories; he was very upset when he found out the factory was going to be closed and he was going to be made redundant. It was at that time I fully realised the maturity of Stephen, Status Employment was brought in to help those affected by redundancies find employment. He was brilliant at being able to understand that he might have to wear two hats. The hat of a candidate and the hat of a trustee. He knew this was never going to be easy, but he managed to pull it off in the usual Stephen style. He even suggested that we should put a workshop together to a European Union of Supported Employment conference about supported factory closures, where he went down a storm with delegates.

Stephen subsequently found a job with People’s First in Lambeth, working on a social inclusion project. This was an ideal role for Stephen as it brought out all of his attributes; Energy, Vitalism, cheerfulness and dogged campaigning. He made a big difference in that role for many people with a learning disability. When he left that role it allowed him more time with the many groups in Croydon that he supported; who all befitted from his energy.

Stephen Aselford made a massive contribution to Status Employment and he has touched all of our lives. Most of all I will miss his chats about the fortunes of the Labour party, advising me on the best bus journeys to get and of the many links and introductions he made in the furtherance of disability rights. We were very fortunate to have Stephen as a trustee of Status; as fellow trustee Stephen Fitzgerald said “Stephen was a huge advocate of employment rights. He took his role as a trustee with passion and integrity and in his fight for disability rights he will always be remembered by Status Employment.

Robert Elston
Chief Executive

LEAD (Labour market Employment for young Adults with a Disability)

Robert Elston Chief Executive of Status Employment is the Expertise Partner involved with the European funded programme to embed the supported employment model: LEAD (Labour market Employment for young Adults with a Disability) in Romania, Lithuania and Portugal; countries seeking to improve their disability confidence in supporting young adults into work by adhering to the supported employment model to dismantle the barriers to employment they currently face in their home markets.

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Working together to inform about progress in combatting youth unemployment

The official launch of the Youth Employment Magazine is announced on the UN International Day of Friendship. Nearly 200 institutions from 26 European countries implementing projects financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway unite to share results of their initiatives aimed at combatting youth unemployment in Europe.

Launched on July 30, the Youth Employment Magazine ( will function as a content resource for all projects implemented under the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. Its editorial team consists of experts implementing the projects themselves, who are regularly developing materials about the progress and results of each project. The platform is established by the Fund Operator,a consortium of JCP Italy and Ecorys Polska.

The burning question for Europe

According to recent data shown in the Eurostat database , approximately 15 million young people aged 20-34 were neither in employment, nor in education and training (NEET) in the EU-28 in 2018. In Italy and Greece, with the highest youth unemployment rate, more than a quarter of young people were out of the labour market. To promote sustainable and quality youth employment in Europe, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway launched in 2017 the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment amounting to 60 million euros. The 26 large-scale projects selected to receive funding are now implementing their initiatives that aim to help around 25 000 young people find a job or create new ones.

“Vulnerable youth often fall outside the formal education and training systems as well as the ordinary labour market, and there is a great need for innovative solutions, transfer of good practice and impact studies on which interventions work and which do not. The 26 projects will develop, pilot or adopt almost 100 new approaches, methods and practices, underlining the innovative nature of the Fund for Youth Employment,” quoting Mrs Grethe Haugøy, Senior Sector Officer for Regional Funds and Global Fund for Social Dialogue and Decent Work at the Financial Mechanism Office, the Secretariat of the EEA and Norway Grants.

One platform beyond borders

Compared to other initiatives of the EEA and Norway Grants, the added value of the Fund for Youth Employment is its transnational focus. This is in line with the Europe 2020 strategy and the EU cohesion policy that takes account of the crucial role regions and cross-border cooperation play for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Although the range of the Fund is enormous (project consortia bring together 195 entities from various sectors covering their activities in 26 countries), disseminating results at the level of countries where projects are implemented and the flow of information beyond bordersfaces significant challenges. This is the main reason why a common communication platform in the form of an online magazine is created. It is not accidental that the official launch of the "Youth Employment Magazine" falls on the UN International Day of Friendship, since consortia implementing projects remain in harmonised, constant relations with each other, sharing good practices and exchanging experiences.

Local activities, global information

The newly created magazine will aggregate content prepared by all projects: not only news about current achievements and information on their progress, but also longer substantive articles and various multimedia. Furthermore, the constantly updated calendar will allow the audience to follow all events organised by projects across Europe and the Donor States.

“The online magazine will serve as a platform to inspire, connect and raise awareness among young people in Europe and will become an online hub for all the entities involved in the Fund,” said Raquel Torres Prol, Communication Officer for the Fund for Youth Employment at the Financial Mechanism Office, the Secretariat of the EEA and Norway Grants.

About the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

  • €60.6 million in funding.
  • 3 donor countries – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.
  • Supporting 26 transnational projects that promote quality youth employment.
  • Intends in particular to reach the long-term unemployed in the age group 25-29, to be complementary to existing EU funding.
  • More information:

Virtual DS

Erasmus Logo

Virtual DS LogoStatus Employment hosted the 3rd meeting of Virtual DS at the offices of Mind Employment in Croydon on the 4th and 5th of October. The meeting was attended by the consortium of Virtual DS. The Consortium is formed by entities working in the field of supporting people with Down Syndrome, and includes DRUŠTVO DOWNOV SINDROM SLOVENIJA, DDSS (Slovenia), ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA DE PORTADORES DE TRISSOMIA 21, APPT21 (Portugal), ALDO-CET (Romania) all will participate. STATUS EMPLOYMENT is a non-governmental organization with huge experience in Supported Employment; IMAGINA RV, a private company specialising in the development of Virtual Reality training contents.

At the meeting much progress was made towards the projects objectives of creating ICT Tools (VIRTUAL REALITY) for people with Down syndrome; developing ADAPTED learning materials and tools. The meeting gave a lot of time to checking real experiences in companies developed by Imagina RV, using Virtual Reality Glasses. Time was also given to starting to develop training for the real life experiences through the Vocational Profile side of Supported Employment. The partners also agreed on need to concentrate on real life experiences; focusing on core routines and soft skills to get vital jobs for people with Learning disabilities and Down syndrome. They agreed the jobs to concentrate on where: catering, hotel, and retail.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to meet at DRUŠTVO DOWNOV SINDROM SLOVENIJA in March to conclude the training plans.

Erasmus ConferenceErasmus Conference

CONGRATULATIONS to Status Addicks 2018, Grassroots Football League Champions

Status Employment are pleased to announce that their football team Status Addicks have won The South London Grassroots Football League (SLGFL) 2018.

Status Addicks celebrating after winning their football league

Status Addicks football team, who were formed in 2008 with the support of Charlton Athletic Community Trust, represent Status Employment and play in the SLGFL. The team was formed originally, with Status Employment clients, as a way to improve mental health and wellbeing for the players and increase social inclusion, over the past 10 years The Addicks have gone from strength to strength.

The League decider vs LQ Living, was a double header played on Friday 22nd June at the Bethlem Royal Hospital – The Addicks home ground. It was a closely fought decider as the two results show (1-0 Status and 1-1 Draw) with the deciding goal scored by Ernest.

Status Addicks’ will be collecting their winner’s trophy on Friday the 29th June at the SLGFL end of season Tournament to be held at Tooting & Mitcham.

With 1 in 4 people being affected by a mental health problem at some point in their life, it is important for us all to stay healthy and football is a great way to do it. For people who are already living with a mental health condition, the benefits are great. Football can be a way to build confidence, improve social inclusion and put purpose back in the lives of people who may have been feeling isolated and alone. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended three 45 minute sessions of physical activity a week for people suffering from mild to moderate depression, physical activity increases serotonin levels and improves our mental health.

The Wey Ahead Walk

Wey Ahead Logo

On Saturday the 19th May there was the first ever Way Ahead walk. It had been organised by All About Triathletes (AAT), to help raise money for 4 charities: Oakleaf Enterprises, CornerHouse, Hear Us and Status Employment. It was organised for mental health awareness week; all of these charities support people receiving mental health services with advocacy, housing friendship, and employment. Our Chief Executive Robert Elston joined a 187 other people who were either running the 4.5km, 25km or 32km distances. He opted to do the 32km along with many other people.

The feedback on the day had been positive and £1500 has been raised for all the charities involved. This money is so important for the many innovative programmes that we run. Status Employment would like to thank all of the walkers and runners who turned out on Saturday to support four mental health charities.

You can also view our Total Giving profile.

Any amount received will be gratefully received.

Status are pleased to announce 3 new Projects in Croydon and Lambeth

Full Details for each project can be found under Our Services

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