Website Accessibility

STATUS Employment attempts to make this site open and accessible to all internet users, regardless of disabilities or other special needs. To do this we have endeavored to follow the WCAG 1.0 Guidelines for Level AAA Accessibility. Some guidelines, such as placing placeholder text in forms and the use of access keys have not been followed, however, as we feel they create more accessibility problems than they solve. The STATUS Employment site is best viewed on a recent browser (such as Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 6 and up or Opera 9+ as these have much higher accessibility support built-in. However the website is designed to be still viewable on older browsers.

If you are still having problems viewing the website you can make further adjustments yourself. For example in most recent browsers you have the ability to change the size of the text or to change the colour of the text or background.

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Internet Explorer

To change the size of the text on Internet Explorer on a PC select the "View" menu then "Text Size" and select the desired size. To enlarge an entire page go to the "View" menu and select "Zoom". You can also use Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Crtrl plus - to zoom out. For more accessibility options, including changing the text and background colours go to the "Tools" menu then "Internet Options…" and select either the colours, font, language or accessibility button as needed.

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The accessibility features available for Mozilla Firefox will depend on which Extensions you have installed. "Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/FireFox" can be downloaded from This extension provides additional accessibility features for Firefox. For more information see:

To enlarge a page go to the "View" menu and select "Zoom". You can also use this menu to set whether you wish to enlarge text only or enlarge the entire page. You can also use Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Crtrl plus - to zoom out. To reset to 100% use Ctrl plus 0. You can also use "Page Style" from the "View" menu to switch style sheets on and off.


To enlarge the text on a page click on the "Page Control" icon (icon with a picture of a page). Then select "Text Zoom". You can also use Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Crtrl plus - to zoom out. To reset to 100% use Ctrl plus 0.

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To enlarge the text on a page go to the "View" menu and click on the "Make Text Bigger" command. You can also shrink text using the "Make Text Smaller" command and restore the default size using the "Make Text Normal Size" command. It is also possible to use Ctrl plus + to zoom in and Crtrl plus - to zoom out. To reset to 100% use Ctrl plus 0.

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Opera has several features to provide pleasing browser experience to a variety of different users. Chief among these are the "Voice" feature and the built-in style sheets. Most of Opera's accessibility features are most easily accessed form the "View" toolbar. If this toolbar is not showing clicking the "View" icon will show it. Click the "View" icon again to hide the View menu. The "View" icon is usually the right-most icon on the address bar (after the address and search fields).

Built-in speech-synth / Using Voice

The "Voice" feature provided with Opera 8.5 and above not only allows Opera to speak text to the user but also allows the user to issue Voice commands to Opera. If you have a microphone enabled you can simply hold down the Scroll-lock key or the "Voice" button (available from the "View" bar or the "Main" menu bar) and issue your command to Opera. Example commands are "Opera Back" to go to the previous webpage and "Opera Reload" to reload the current webpage. To have Opera read back the text of a webpage simply highlight the text you wish to be read aloud and issue the command "Opera Speak". Alternatively highlight the selected text then press "v". As well as "Opera Speak" there is the command "Opera Read" which will cause Opera to read the next block of text in a webpage. For other commands and more on using the "Voice" feature see

Built-in style sheets / Text mode

Also accessible from the "View" bar is a button that allows the user to toggle between the original presentation of the page and various presentation based on accessibility. To view the web page as the designer originally intended make sure the button is displays as "Author mode" to view a custom presentation click the button so it reads "User mode". To view a certain stylesheet (style of presentation) click and hold the down arrow at the right of the button. A list of different styles will pop-up. Simple click on the one you prefer. The most useful stylesheets from an accessibility point of view are probably Emulate Text browser, High Contrast (W/B), High Contrast (B/W) and Accessibility Layout. Some stylesheets can be combined with each other. For example, Accessibility Layout and High Contrast (W/B) can both be ticked to create a presentation style that combines a standard accessibility layout with high contrast white on black text.

Page Zoom

Opera provides a "Page Zoom" feature that can zoom in on a page to a factor of 1000% or zoom out to a factor of 20%. This feature is located at the right-most end of the "View" bar. Additionally there is a "Fit to Window Width" toggle just before the "Page Zoom" control. Pressing this button will cause Opera to try to fit as much of the page as possible into the main viewing area to eliminate horizontal scrolling.

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