Amy's Story

Amy was employed as a part time Receptionist / Administrator at a medical centre. At the time of referral to Status Employment's IAPT service, she was signed off work for three months with anxiety / stress.

Amy had previously enjoyed over ten year's success as a Finance Assistant, when made redundant by her firm, due to company restructuring.

An initial meeting was held between the Employment Consultant and Amy, during which she provided an insight into her work and personal circumstances which formed the basis of a clear action plan when liasing with her employer.

Amy had a history of depression, unbeknown to her present employer and was terrified she would lose her job. We discussed disclosure, however she was reluctant to do this initially as her previous experiences had not been positive.

Amy was encouraged to maintain contact with her employer during her period of sickness and with Amy's consent her Employment Consultant contacted her manager and a meeting was arranged.

A successful meeting took place during which her Manager agreed to the Employment Consultant's suggestion of a phased return on a 'therapeutic/voluntary' capacity (two hours per week) enabling Amy to re-establish relations with her colleagues and integrate her back into the workplace, before her official return. Amy's manager also agreed to provide Amy with training on the new scanning machine and additional administrative tasks.

Amy made a successful return to work. Her hours have increased beyond her initial contract and she is very happy at work.

"I really appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you so much for your help"