Andrew's Story

Andrew was referred to Status Employment in November 2009 and joined the football programme (though he decided that he didn't want to take part in the football training, just the classroom based learning).

Andrew he had a great desire to work and was highly motivated from the start. He spent many hours looking for jobs, attending job fairs and handing out his CV. Initially he was unrealistic in his expectations with regards to the salary he wanted to earn and this hampered his efforts.

After sometime, however, Andrew recognised that his desire to work was great and that he might have to be more realistic if he wanted to find work. As he started to be more pragmatic in the types of jobs he applied for, Andrew started to get more successful with his applications and not long after received a job offer for part time work, which he accepted. He then proceeded to gain a second part time job to build up his hours, eventually being offered a third job for 27 hours a week, which replaced the first two that he had been doing.

Andrew has now been working for almost 18 months and has started looking for a job that will increase his hours further.