Clinton's Story

Clinton was referred to Status Employment having expressed a real desire to get back to work and being assessed by his Occupational Therapist as being at a stage where support from Status Employment's services would be beneficial.

Clinton had worked for 12 years as a mail sorter, then a number of years as a self-employed mini cab driver during which he experienced stress, became unwell and was diagnosed with a psychotic condition for which he receives ongoing help and support from Lambeth Mental Health Services.

Clinton and his Employment Consultant explored various options for work, one of which was as a hotel porter. With support from Status Employment, Clinton applied for an advertised position with a new hotel in Westminster Bridge. This was in the housekeeping section, working in the laundry, not exactly portering but something Clinton was happy to do. His Employment Consultant met with the HR department to explain his situation and when he was offered the job, agreed on some minor, reasonable accommodations to assist him in his performance; these included a short break allowance if under stress, providing an understanding colleague / line manager with whom Clinton can confide if not feeling well and making written instructions available as a reminder.

The hotel has been an excellent employer and they were very understanding when Clinton felt unwell for a brief period - helping him to settle back in gradually after a few days absence. Clinton is very glad to be back at work and enjoying the company of his work colleagues.