Danny's Story

Before coming to Status Employment, Danny had been unemployed for over 20 years. During this time, Danny had completed a few courses, but spent most of his time at home, watching TV, listening to music or visiting family and friends.

On occasions he would visit the Jobcentre and read through the local newspapers, in search of a full time job, but he found this difficult as he needed support in completing application forms and writing supporting statements. After regular meetings with his Care Coordinator it was agreed he would be referred to Status Employment to help support him finding paid work.

On meeting Danny, his Employment Consultant found him very friendly and focused on what he wanted to do regarding further training as he believed this would prepare him for the world of work. Following several meetings, Danny was informed of a training programme Status Employment offer involving work preparation, IT and football training. Danny was particularly interested in the IT training as he wanted to improve his IT skills.

An opportunity also became available for a volunteer at The British Heart Foundation as a Warehouse Assistant. Danny decided he'd like to apply for the role as it would build his confidence, skills and experience. An interview was arranged by his Employment Consultant, which went well and Danny was offered the position.

Danny began his placement and volunteers on a Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesdays he attends the IT training session. Danny is learning far more than he expected and enjoys what he does. We've had a positive feedback from Danny's Manager who said "Danny is one of the best volunteers I have: he is very reliable".