Joe's Story

Joe, an Engineer for an international chain of hotels, was referred to Status Employment by his therapist as the therapist was concerned at reports of bullying and racism and Joe was off work with anxiety and depression.

Joe was born in Africa and had been resident in the UK for 10 years or so. In discussion with his Employment Consultant it became apparent that he and his other non white colleagues were being subjected to bullying and racism by colleagues. This seemed to be tacitly accepted by Management as the non white staff had been put under the management of another non technical department.

Joe seemed by initial assessment to be in a difficult situation with his clinical scores showing that he had severe depression and anxiety.

Together, he and his Employment Consultant discussed his options which included taking the employer to court, staying at his place of work and avoiding conflict or leaving.

Although court seemed a means of getting justice, Joe didn't want to put himself and his family though more stress.

In discussion with Status Employment Joe realised that he had very transferable personal and technical skills and was helped to update his CV. He decided to actively market himself and was soon getting interviews.

It was at this time, whilst he was still off work sick, his employer wrote suggesting he was working for another company whilst unwell and invited him in for a disciplinary. This was untrue and Joe was able to get his GP to write to the employer explaining that Joe was unwell and not capable of working for anyone. The employer dropped their action.

Joe had an interview with a prestigious modern concierge facility in London and was delighted to be offered a job. His Employment Consultant was more than happy to help him write a letter of resignation (which included an expectation that he be paid all outstanding monies due which came to over £2100).

In a personal note to his Employment Consultant, Joe expressed his thanks for the advice given and how happy and relieved he (and his family) were with his new job. His clinical scores at this point were vastly improved and Joe is currently enjoying his new role.