Kasey's Story

Kasey has always wanted to work with people and enjoys community participation, but her bi-polar means that she often feels useless.

When Kasey was first referred to Status Employment, she was reluctant to come through the door and said that she didn't want to work. However, once she was seeing her Employment Consultant on a regular basis she started to enjoy coming to Status.

Kasey received training organised by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and qualified as a trained volunteer, and training by AIMS to become a trained mentor. Kasey become an active member of the mentoring group as both a mentor and, later when she was having some difficulties, as a mentee. Through this involvement with other people, Kasey has become more aware of her own strengths and weaknesses and her mental health has improved to the point where her medication has been reduced. She has become able to make positive decisions and the responsibility and independence and has boosted her self confidence.

Kasey has gained two volunteering jobs - one with the pastoral care team at a local charity, The Croydon Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health, and the other at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Through Status Employment and her volunteering jobs, Kasey has also gone on to complete a number of courses including First Aid.