Kevin's Story

Kevin was referred to Status Employment in November 2009. He walked out of the first two meetings arranged with his Psychiatrist and the Status Employment Consultant, as his mental health made him suspicious and paranoid about the questions he was being asked. Although Kevin was interested in finding work, he didn't turn up for the next two arranged meetings. Finally in August 2010 (nine months after being referred), Kevin managed to stay through to the end of a meeting and Status Employment was able to start supporting him. Throughout the following months Kevin and his Employment Consultant built up a trust between them and continued to work together towards finding Kevin employment.

In June 2011 Kevin was discharged to his GP. In the letter to the GP, Kevin's Psychiatrist mentioned that he had been engaging with Status Employment and that Kevin felt that he was "getting somewhere" now. His Psychiatrist also mentioned that Kevin was taking reduced medication "because his mental state has improved" and that Kevin has had "no confrontations which have been a hallmark of his presentation in the past".

In October 2011, Kevin found a two hour cleaning job. This isn't as many hours as he would like to work, but he recognised that this was a good start on his journey back into employment. He has been doing the job for a few weeks now and is enjoying earning some money after more than five years unemployed. Kevin continues to look for more work to boost his hours.

In the words of his Employment Consultant "Kevin has dramatically changed".