Martyn's Story

Martyn started work with WPF Therapy in December 2006, having been seeing an Employment Consultant at Status Employment for the previous eight months.

This was a milestone in a long journey that had taken Martyn from living the life of a recluse, to the brink of suicide and to a place where he was able to formulate a 10 year plan for his life – the first stage of which was to be employed part time by the end of 2006.

In Easter of 2006, Martyn was referred by his Community Psychiatric Nurse to Status Employment, where he was assigned an Employment Consultant.

"The greatest benefit of having a dedicated employment advisor is that another pair of eyes is looking out for you, another brain is working on your behalf and, the advisor has contacts that the service user simply cannot access in any other way."

Over the next few months, Martyn, received support in applying for numerous jobs and interview training from his Employment Consultant but no job offer.

"In late November my Employment Consultant phoned me during the afternoon with the news that a job application deadline closed at 5 pm, was I interested? I said ‘yes’ I most certainly was. A few days later I received a letter inviting me for interview. I grew a little nervous and prepared as best I could."

Martyn began work on 11th December 2006, three weeks before his deadline, in a full time, permanent position. Outstripping his overall aim for the year by a considerable margin.

"This was the best Christmas present I could receive!"

But this was just the start of Martyn's new journey. Martyn's Reception/Admin role covers callers, switchboard, room booking, messaging, bookshop, stationery, IT desktop and routine tasks, problem solving, first aid and HR matters. "We communicate with over 150 staff, 250 student trainees, 500 weekly clients, and a variety of external organisations."

For the first time Martyn is "enjoying life as never before. I have an open mind, a positive outlook, I am planning my future and in particular Phase II of my 10-year plan where I aim to try to make a difference."

"There are many changes in my life from that of a benefit claimant to where I am today, I am excited by the future that I intend to have."