Mary's Story

When Mary was referred to Status Employment in 2007, she was extremely overweight, she had no confidence and she was very depressed due to her alcohol dependency.

Mary was ‘dry’ by the time she came to Status Employment, but was still feeling the effects from her time dependent on alcohol. Her Employment Consultant started by taking her along to her local gym, where Mary enrolled and started attending regularly. She lost lots of weight and started eating properly and looking after herself better.

Mary was interested in participating in Status Employment's mentoring programme called Open Doors, so she was put on a training course organised by AIMS, and a Voluntary Training course organised by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and became a qualified mentor.

She was then assigned a mentee, another Status Employment candidate.

They met regularly and went out together and Mary encouraged her mentee to participate in community activities such as rambling and bowling.

Mary's mentee benefited greatly from this interaction and encouragement and went on to become a mentor herself! For Mary, being a mentor gave her a sense of responsibility and independence and boosted her self esteem and value.

Mary went on to find voluntary work in the drug and alcohol unit in the Bethlem Royal Hospital. She then secured a job working with Rethink, teaching people about mental health and drug and alcohol dependency and the difficulties and struggles that people with this diagnosis can face. Mary travels with her job and thoroughly enjoys her role in educating people about what she has faced in life.

Mary did also get a second job as a full time Social Inclusion Worker, but after 10 months, she found that it was too much for her and it was becoming stressful, so she gave it up.

Mary continues to work for Rethink and has found that this is enough for her at the moment. She continues to do well and her medication has been reduced.