Max's Story

Previously Max had led a fulfilling life. He was an extrovert who enjoyed social activities, but he had not worked for over six years, had severe anxiety, depression and regular panic attacks.

Previously Max had designed leaflets and marketed music events on a self employed basis, enjoying regular, independent travel abroad. Through discussions his Employment Consultant established he was not receiving any benefits. Max was also Dyslexic. She advised him on opening a bank account and signposted him to a Disability Employment Adviser at the Job Centre to assist with his application for benefits.

Max desperately wanted return to employment but did not know how to work towards this goal. His Employment Consultant took time to listen and understand his current situation and the difficulties he faced, working with him on a one–to–one basis to help refresh communication, assertiveness and interview techniques.

Max was particularly interested in attending a mindfulness workshop to help overcome some of his difficulties. However, he had a panic attack on the day and couldn't attend. His Employment Consultant realised the extent of his anxiety – Max was not ready for employment and further support was required.

His Employment Consultant arranged some work experience for him with British Health Foundation specialising in music and books which increased his confidence and helped him develop communicative and organisational skills. His Employment Consultant liaised with both the Deputy and Store Manager to address initial difficulties Max experienced with their complex filing system. As a result, reasonable adjustments were put in place to ensure he could identify different genre and book titles to undertake his job independently.

Max's confidence has increased as a result of his work experience. He now receives Jobseekers Allowance, whilst seeking employment and meets with his DEA on a weekly basis.

"Thank you for your help. This kept me motivated and helped to get me out of the house."