Perry's Story

Perry is a very experienced carpenter, general builder and decorator and had been both employed and self employed for 10 years until work pressures caused him to become clinically depressed in 2005.

Perry was referred to Status Employment to help him in his aspiration to find, ideally, a maintenance/handyman position, preferably in a school.

Perry attended regular job searching sessions at Status Employment and was very pro-active. He applied for numerous jobs and patiently completed many application forms. One problem encountered was that many employers specified that applicants should have their own tools, but Perry had discarded his one time when extremely depressed. Despite this, he persisted for three years with job searching (apart from a period when he seriously injured his arm).

His Employment Consultant had an employer contact at The National Theatre and was able to arrange for a week's work experience in the scenery department affording Perry a glowing reference.

Unfortunately the theatre had no vacancies, but later he applied for an advertised position as a driver/handyperson with a school in Clapham. His Employment Consultant wrote a letter of support and telephoned the school to explain the support Status Employment was giving to Perry. They were positive and open towards his application and Perry was overjoyed when he was accepted for the job. His Employment Consultant then met with his manager to clarify details of the job and Perry's suitability.

Perry is very happy to be working again in the kind of job he ideally wanted, even though it took a while to find it. His persistence paid off, his boredom and isolation have vanished and his self-esteem and financial income increased.