Sofia's Story

When Sofia came to Status Employment, she came with an interpreter as she couldn't speak much English. Her criminal offence was her second big barrier to finding work.

But since then, in the words of her Employment Consultant, she has "progressed no end". Sofia enrolled on an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course and went on to complete English Literature, Numeracy and Administration courses. Sofia also completed the training to be a mentor and was assigned a mentee.

These courses and mentoring experience gave her the skills necessary to get a voluntary job as Administrator for a Day Centre in Croydon. A job she fulfilled for two years until the centre closed and she was made redundant.

Sofia is now back at Status Employment and looking for paid work. To help her with this, she will be starting the Football Programme to gain valuable skills and experience about the workplace.

Over the time that Sofia has been coming to Status Employment, her medication has also been reduced and her outlook, presentation and dress sense have all changed, as she has realised that she can participate in society and that she has a valuable contribution to make.