Consultancy from Status Employment

We are ideally placed to be able to help employers and third sector organisations as they come out of the latest lockdown to effectively manage emerging challenges.

We are able to work with clients to understand their business and listen their needs; to develop and agree an innovative, confident series of interventions, and workshops to support and develop returning staff as clients look to re-build their workforce and transition to meet the future.

There is an appetite for supported employment, we can deliver innovative training, and it can be delivered via Zoom.

We have had experience of training all aspects of the European Union of Supported Employment Supported Employment Toolkit, both to UK and European organisations both directly and on Zoom.

We have been working with international partners to create an E learning Platform to help youth workers be able to help disabled entrepreneurs develop their enterprises. Achieving a really good E Platform means that we have a ready-made platform to train organisations in self-employment for disabled people.

We can deliver Careers workshops, to develop career management skills for disabled people and individuals experiencing difficulties reengaging with work after lockdown or returning after being furloughed.

We can deliver Drama base workshops to support individual wellbeing and assist in the transition to new ways of working.

We can deliver Mental Health First Aid workshops for employers and team leaders and support staff.

If you would like to find out more; in the first instance please contact our Chief Executive:
Robert Elston;