Status Employment Assists People with disabilities and mental health problems in finding and retaining paid employment.

We do this by finding out your skills and aspirations and supporting you into work or to move closer work through education, training, paid work or volunteering.

I am unemployed and want to prepare for work

Lambeth supported employment service is for people who are unemployed and would like to prepare for the job market through training or volunteering. Please see our Lambeth Employment Support Service page.

I am in talking therapy and want employment support

Our Lambeth IAPT Service is for people with mental health problems , living in the borough of Lambeth and actively seeking work or looking for support with their current employment. Please visit our IAPT Service page for more information.

Live in Croydon?

See our Croydon Services.

If you know what service you require or you just want to get referred please see our page on getting referred.