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Service Manager

Job title: Supported Employment Service Manager

Based at: Status Shirley Office

Employment terms: £45,000 per annum FT initially for 12 months

Reporting to: Chief Executive Status Employment

Responsible for: Operational management & Quality Standards across all Status Service Delivery programs


Established in 1993 Status Employment was amongst the first organisations to use the supported employment model in the UK. Status Employment exists to support individuals across the disability spectrum residing in the areas of Lambeth and Croydon, to become more engaged in their communities and pursue a normalised life. We believe the most effective way to do this is by supporting individuals to find and sustain permanent employment in the community. We believe that supported employment is the key to breaking the barriers to employment and reducing vulnerability to poverty.


Our mission statement is “Employment, Health and Well-being for a better future. Status Employment will always challenge disabling attitudes to ensure that work and training opportunities are a matter of equal right. We promote the social model of disability, which asserts that people, policy, and the built environment disable individuals.

We strive to reduce barriers for candidates to provide the most seamless route into paid work. We focus on people with learning difficulties, disabled people, and people with mental health issues.

Crucial to this outcome is a continual drive to raise quality standards across all Status Delivery programs.

1) Employer Engagement

To drive and support staff, to adopt to actively pursue a candidate-led approach to open up accessible pathways into the labour market. The SEQF tool (below) will embed good practice for employer engagement within organisations. This will include coordinating a local approach to employer engagement and education to increase employers understanding of support available to employ people with support needs, and open recruitment pathways for people whom traditional recruitment routes

2) Accreditation

To continue work to develop our own standards for supported employment which incorporate:

  • IPS Fidelity
  • British Association of Supported Employment Standards
  • A rights-based approach informed by the lived-experience of disability.

3) Communication

Having a system-wide narrative on Status Employment’s supported employment success that includes pre-employment support, placement, in-work support, and job retention.

4) Sourcing Additional Funding

Status Employment will capitalise on individual expertise and experience of management and staff teams, to create dynamic and needs led business cases to support the employment needs of those furthest from the job market. Present funding council, CCG, slam and DWP.

Job purpose

  • To ensure quality across all service delivery programs, to develop seamless and clear routes to paid work and volunteering for people with additional support needs.
  • To manage the operational elements of Status Supported Employment programs, ensuring that systems and processes are in place to manage programme performance. Including:
    • developing SMART action plans with the subgroups with assigned leads
    • monitoring actions against plans
    • supporting leads to achieve the assigned actions

To manage relationships with all stakeholders including the monitoring of service level agreements.

  • To collaborate with the Chief Executive of the Status Employment Ltd; to write progress reports for Senior management team, and Trustees
  • To lead the development of project specific pieces of work (as agreed with the Chief Executive of the Status Employment) that contribute to the Supported Employment program outcomes
  • To collaborate with the Chief Executive of the Status Employment to develop funding proposals/ business cases to support the agreed outcomes

Main duties

Programme Management

  1. Responsible for developing an overall programme plan, which reflects the aims, ambition and outcomes sought by the Chief Executive of the Status Employment Ltd, the Senior management team, and Trustees.
  2. Consult with statutory partners including Croydon Council, Lambeth CCG, SLaM and DWP to ensure that programme priorities meet their strategic priorities.
  3. Support the operational delivery and development of the governance structures.
  4. Administer all service delivery programs meetings; setting dates; providing accurate and timely minutes; developing SMART action plans and an overall programme plan and supporting the implementation of these.
  5. Ensured that robust performance management processes are in place, to ensure accurate and regular reporting against program plan, outcomes.
  6. Responsible for providing regular programme performance reports to the Chief Executive of the Status Employment Ltd, the Senior management team, and Trustees.
  7. Work with the Chief Executive of the Status Employment Ltd, the Senior management team, and Trustees to ensure that there is a clear understanding of risks to the programs and that processes are in place to record and mitigate these.
  8. Lead project specific pieces of work that relate to the achievement of successful programme outcomes. Lead the development of funding proposals and business cases (in conjunction with the Chief Executive of the Status Employment Ltd, the Senior management team, and Trustees.
  9. Work with the Status Employment Staff Team to ensure programme level and outcomes information is communicated, as appropriate
  10. Work with Chief Executive of Status Employment Ltd, and the Senior management team to identify and address any organisational development support needs that are identified through the organisation.
  11. Foster a team culture of collaboration and shared responsibility for achieving programme outcomes and build a local evidence base.
  12. Foster a team culture of continuous learning and improvement across the network.

Equality and diversity

To actively promote equality of access and opportunity to all Status Employments candidates and referral pathways.


  1. To perform any other duties commensurate with the grade and purpose of the post.
  2. Postholder to ensure that their work is delivered to the highest possible standard.
  3. Postholder to ensure they operate in accordance with the strategic aims, mission, and core values of the Charity.
  4. Postholder to ensure they are committed to their own learning and development and identify with their line manager where additional training and personal development will enhance their delivery.
  5. Be receptive to line management, supervision and appraisal as required by current policy.
  6. Considerable flexibility is required as attendance at some evening meetings may be necessary. Travel throughout the area covered by Status Employment Ltd as well as attendance at national events is required.

Any other reasonable tasks that take forward the aim of the post and the work of Status Employment Ltd.


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